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My first rant (and a welcome to all)

Hi everyone, I'm hope you like the community.

First up comes my rant about overrated games. Feel free to read....

Games come in all shapes and sizes, and in all varying degrees of good and bad. However the games that really annoy me are the games that suck beyond all reason and yet sell a large number of copies. The most recent example of a game that does this that I can think of is 50 Cent: Bulletproof which came out in the UK just before Christmas. This game is tired and bland, another inane retread of GTA and Manhunt (neither of which were particularly revolutionary) however since it has the face of a particular celebrity (in this case a terrible rapper) it has sold to a market of impressionable teens (who would have had to gain the game illegally since in the UK it has an 18 certificate) who lap up what the well-marketed music industry feeds them. This game sells by the ton, while games like Katamari Damacy and Suikoden III are all denied PAL releases. The game industry nowadays thrives on unoriginality, relying on brand names and celebrities to sell it's trashy games. Pumping out faceless sports games with little or no changes year on year. Nintendo are the only company left that actually seems to be putting some originality into its consoles (with the DS and Revolution), but the Gamecube seems to be dying a death at the minute (more through lack of decent advertising than through lack of decent games, although the releases have been slowing down as of late). The XBOX 360 sucks too, being a poor man's PC in an ugly white box, and with no particularly interesting games as of yet. The industry seems to be in decline. And yet....

....yet there is still hope. The PSP is selling well, however the sales of software are set to decline. It has become the new home of homebrew games, although the Dreamcast homebrew scene is still going strong. Independent developers are coming out with awesome games (Alien Hominid, Darwinia) and there are still the ever-reliable sources of good games such as Sega, Nintendo, Treasure, Konami and Capcom still making time to make the occasional original game. However, there may well be a crash in the videogame industry again, as the good games are becoming rarer and rarer and the market dilutes with crap. There will be a rebirth though, and I (for one) can see Nintendo doing it again. And while I may be a Nintendo fanboy, this does not mean that this is a blinkered judgement. I will probably get a PS3, as the Playstations are home to some of the greatest games ever concieved (Final Fantasy 7, the Tekken series, Gradius V). However, Sony have tended to flood the market with so many games that the actual ratio of good games to bad is exceptionally low. The XBOX has Jet Set Radio Future and that's about it for games that haven't been done better on a PC.

Hopefully this next generation of consoles will be the one to stem the tide of crap.

*crosses fingers*
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I agree with you on everything. Even the 360 which although the original XBOX was the same kind of thing with a nice CPU and graphics card in a tabletop box, it was the developers that made great games for it. Let's hope that Microsoft Studios has another Halo champ waiting around the corner for the box, because as much as I love Perfect Dark Zero, the full motion gets choppy enough that I question the quality of the app.

The marketing muscle on media is astounding. It's not about creating a unique or satisfying experience, it's about cornering a demographic and terrorizing them into buying your product because they will be a loser if they don't. And in addition to infiltrating the market with a substandard product, they are dumbing the gaming community and diminishing their resources to buy the good games. Perhaps this is why the market for reselling games is so big. Even today I was playing The Road Runner game for the SNES which I was very excited about, but totally sucked. I HATED this game and everything that I hated about it came smacking me in the face. But I bought it out of my love for the character, and felt like a complete heel, AGAIN, for bending to the whims of the marketing guru's instead of following my instincts as a game lover.

Nintendo hasn't made a bad move yet, with the exception of the Virtual Boy. The DS was almost as bad, but it's kicking ass in Japan and is genuinely a fun machine with some very good games unlike the PSP. Sorry, I'm still not impressed with the PSP, despite Lumines.
It's trying to be too many things at once; a portable media system, a game machine, an internet device with browsing, etc. But Nintendo knows what people want and they've provided a unique gaming machine which is really a lot of fun with great graphics.

I think they are going to have to pull some serious magic out of their butts to get the revolution to appeal to gamers. Good ideas that could be better if the apps that come with the system make decent use of them. But I have high hopes for Nintendo. I still play my N64 regularly, and buy used carts for it when they make themselves available (I scan E-bay for the most popular titles with highest bids and then search for them locally). As a result, I have a small but killer collection of games for the console that have given me hours of pleasure at minimal cost.

And that's probably the most important aspect of a system, it's longevity factor.
Indeed. I still have my Sega Megadrive set up and a frankly ridiculous amount of games for it! I can see Nintendo doing it with the Revolution, the XBOX 360 is kinda faltering already, there's no real "WOAH" games for it yet, which Nintendo COULD have for the launch of the Revolution. They did it with Mario 64, they realise that this is their major make-or-break moment, and hopefully they'll live up to it.

*crosses fingers*
Nintendo also messed up when theyditched plans with Sony to make the SNES CD. what resulted was sony making thier own and more competition for Nintendo.
i would agree with MOST of your points, but i have to admit, im ad xbox fan boy. for me project gotham 2 was one of the best (racing) games ever made. and the only thing better than prject gotham 2 , is project gotham 3. but i do agree that the 360 doesnt have any "WOAH" games yet. but saying that, there hasnt been a new release yet since launch. i thin PGR2 was the closest microsoft got to a "WOAH" game, i didnt like halo. i would be with nintendo all the way, but there just isnt enough good games to make me wanna buy a gamecube. i'll wait for the revolution, or possibly twilight princess. but to sum up... gunstar heroes pwns!
Yep, there hasn't been a new game released since launch, since the stocks of the system are so horribly limited at the minute. And the fact that they have NOTHING particularly good lined up.

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We're getting We Love Katamari at the end of this month. If it runs at 60htz it shouldn't be a problem.