Alfred (kcfireplug) wrote in videogame_bitch,

Just a few things about Twilight Princess...

I love this game, but I have a couple problems.

#1. Be sure you're at least three feet from the sensor bar. I found my nunchunk failing and my wiimote totally useless a couple of times and thought I had already worn out the controller. My partner Guido said..."Um, aren't you supposed to be so far back from the sensor bar?". So I moved back and haven't had a problem since. Stupid I know, but the next thing isn't my fault.

#2. Mini games SUCK!

I thought I was supposed to finish the damn snowboarding race and when I didn't get anything at the end I was ready to sell my Wii. What the Fuck? This is why I don't buy sports games. I'm not into that kind of challenge. But they throw these curve balls into Zelda, and they are just too frustrating for me. I know why they do it, and that's cool, but I don't like being thrown off course. I had to go to to look at their on-line walkthrough to find out I didn't need to do this. I really hate these forks in the road.
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