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My first rant (and a welcome to all)

Hi everyone, I'm hope you like the community.

First up comes my rant about overrated games. Feel free to read....

Games come in all shapes and sizes, and in all varying degrees of good and bad. However the games that really annoy me are the games that suck beyond all reason and yet sell a large number of copies. The most recent example of a game that does this that I can think of is 50 Cent: Bulletproof which came out in the UK just before Christmas. This game is tired and bland, another inane retread of GTA and Manhunt (neither of which were particularly revolutionary) however since it has the face of a particular celebrity (in this case a terrible rapper) it has sold to a market of impressionable teens (who would have had to gain the game illegally since in the UK it has an 18 certificate) who lap up what the well-marketed music industry feeds them. This game sells by the ton, while games like Katamari Damacy and Suikoden III are all denied PAL releases. The game industry nowadays thrives on unoriginality, relying on brand names and celebrities to sell it's trashy games. Pumping out faceless sports games with little or no changes year on year. Nintendo are the only company left that actually seems to be putting some originality into its consoles (with the DS and Revolution), but the Gamecube seems to be dying a death at the minute (more through lack of decent advertising than through lack of decent games, although the releases have been slowing down as of late). The XBOX 360 sucks too, being a poor man's PC in an ugly white box, and with no particularly interesting games as of yet. The industry seems to be in decline. And yet....

....yet there is still hope. The PSP is selling well, however the sales of software are set to decline. It has become the new home of homebrew games, although the Dreamcast homebrew scene is still going strong. Independent developers are coming out with awesome games (Alien Hominid, Darwinia) and there are still the ever-reliable sources of good games such as Sega, Nintendo, Treasure, Konami and Capcom still making time to make the occasional original game. However, there may well be a crash in the videogame industry again, as the good games are becoming rarer and rarer and the market dilutes with crap. There will be a rebirth though, and I (for one) can see Nintendo doing it again. And while I may be a Nintendo fanboy, this does not mean that this is a blinkered judgement. I will probably get a PS3, as the Playstations are home to some of the greatest games ever concieved (Final Fantasy 7, the Tekken series, Gradius V). However, Sony have tended to flood the market with so many games that the actual ratio of good games to bad is exceptionally low. The XBOX has Jet Set Radio Future and that's about it for games that haven't been done better on a PC.

Hopefully this next generation of consoles will be the one to stem the tide of crap.

*crosses fingers*
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