Videogame Bitchings!

Videogame Bitching!
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Welcome to Video Game Bitching! Your one-stop gaming rant emporium! Is a boss in a game completely unfair? Is the hype surrounding a game completely unneccessary? The join up, shout out, and be heard!

Also, if there's a game that is the best thing since sliced bread then by all means tell us about it! Rate it, review it, tell us WHY we should spend our money on it!

Go ahead and tell us about your videogame memories! Why was this game great? Why did no one buy it? Where was that last bloody exit on Super Mario World? Share your pan-generational gaming feelings. From the Magnavox Odyssey to the PS3 and Revolution, tell us what you have to say!

Post about rare finds you've had, games that seem really weird yet you find yourself drawn to, things that never materialised but were hyped up for ages beforehand (Konix Speedking anyone?), or just random videogame based stuff!

Please respect other memebers tho, any flaming will be dealt with through removal from the group. Healthy discussion is allowed, as people will always have different opinions, but keep it clean people!

Oh yeah, if all your posts are gonna be about MMORPGs then find another community. I'm not being mean, it's just that there's enough communities out there that cater to that market!